Blow Job Installations

Here's a custom project I took on... installing blow job spots in a three-room turf.

The living room is always the easiest and most straightforward room for adding a blowjob: set the lady's chair at axis Y:5 and a man's walk-to up in the Y:500+ range, and everything lines up.

Here, the naked woman sits on the chair in the foreground, and the male walks-to some Spanish Fly that's lying on their sofa-table, to get his body lined up with hers.  He presses Shift/F11 to thrust while standing up.

Their lovely rooftop dungeon got the same treatment.  The lady sits on the chair in the foreground; the man walks-to a bunch of grapes hanging in front of the moon, to line up.

The bedroom was a challenge.  Any bedroom with a built-in bed will have inferior depth.  The Y:511 location is not as far back (far up) in the room, and this makes it difficult to install your standard walk-to blow job because you can't get the man up high enough to stick himself in her mouth.  LOL!  Unless you work with heart seats, which of course can cost...

So here's an alternative blowjob set-up -- one where the woman is going down on the man.  The guy sits on the yellow Aladdin cushion (mostly hidden behind the doll display), and the woman gets behind him (in this case, she walks-to the Spanish Fly sitting up on their armoire).  Shift/F9 makes her mouth go up and down on his cock.

Remember, various female heads are slightly different sizes and their mouths vary.  Blow-job spots sometimes have to be tweaked, depending on who's doing the sucking!  :)