The Bachelor Pad

I met a guy who said he'd bought a newly furnished apartment from Mistress ScarletFox.  He showed me his place and it looked lovely.  I realized right away I'd love to try something like that.  I'm a fanatic for decorating and have already overdecorated all my own spaces.  So I rented a new place at the Hotel (across from the Bordello) and tried my hand at making a "bachelor pad".

In the living room, I set up an anal sex spot at the computer desk.  (To get into the right spot, the fella clicks the ceiling lamp and "walks to".)

I also arranged an oral sex spot in the living room.  Different girl heads are different sizes with different mouths, though, so oral sex spots don't work for everyone...

The bedroom has two sex spots too...

On the balcony (up the ladder from the living room), we have a romantic dinner for two and a hot tub.  There's a sex spot set up on the balcony wall.  (To get in position, the fella clicks the blue ceiling light and "walks to".)

The first little party I threw at this pad, two women wanted to do oral sex with each other, so I added a cunnilingus spot in the hot tub.

I really enjoyed decorating the Bachelor Pad.  My final step was to find a bachelor who wanted it.  All the work was totally worth it when I saw how happy the buyer was!