Romantic Getaway
Customized Sex Rooms

The woman sits on any front seat, the man sits on any back seat.

Anal sex is available in the center of the bed.

There are four coitus positions:

The balcony is designed for oral sex:

Woman sits on white bead seat, man clicks condom and selects "walk to".  Man thrusts with F11 .

Note: Oral sex line-ups vary depending on the exact head each avatar is wearing.  One couple's exact line-up may be another couple's mismatch.

Man sits in chair, woman clicks condom under chair and selects "walk to". Woman bobs with F9 .

Woman sits in chair.  Man sits on gray bead seat below chair to lick clit.

Woman sits on white bead seat along wall.  Man sits on lower gray bead seat for cunnilingus.