First Home

This is a 3-room at the Slipshod prepared as a first home for a new avatar.

The bedroom has been carefully arranged with seats and stools for immediate use for sex.  There are 4 coitus positions, fellatio and cunnilingus.
Coitus: the woman clicks on any barstool to sit and the man sits on any seat (or on the bed).
Blow job: Man sits on left seat, woman clicks gold condom on wall and selects "walk to", then she presses F9.

Cunnilingus: the woman sits on the 3rd barstool and the man sits in front seat.  In this cunnilingus position it works best if only the woman moves (the man might narrate his tongue-work).

More intercourse positions.  Each partner can press F6 to thrust.

Living room and balcony have basic furnishings to get the new homeowner started.  Both rooms are freshly painted and ready for homeowner to further decorate to their liking.