My Visit to Doctor Jon
Part 1

I'd heard that Doctor Jon was an excellent gynecologist, so I made an appointment and went there for my annual pelvic exam.  The waiting room was pleasant and Doctor Jon and his assistant seemed very nice.

Doctor Jon told me to undress in the changing room while he and his nurse prepped the exam room.
When I got to the exam room and peeked in, I was quite surprised to see the Doctor and Nurse prepping each other instead.

I waited until they redressed, and then I came in.  The Pap Smear wasn't very comfortable, but the doctor and nurse were very kind to me during the procedure.

Doctor Jon then examined me alone.  "How healthy am I?" I asked.  "You look marvelous," he said.  He seemed really nice and he had a very gentle touch.  He did a little massaging in certain areas, to improve the blood flow, he said.

Doctor Jon emphasized the importance of getting regular X-rays.  He disrobed to demonstrate the X-ray machine on himself.  I was quite interested in what the X-ray revealed.

Doctor Jon then gave me a breast exam.  Once again I was impressed with his bedside manner and soothing touch.  I confess I began feeling quite amorous.  Doctor Jon noticed my blush and suggested I lie down.

While Doctor Jon was giving me a protein injection, he suggested that we go into his laboratory for further tests.  The multiple orgasms had me feeling very relaxed and compliant, so I agreed.

 He led me through the back door...

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