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Lorelei is a fuzzy bunnyLorelei's Furry Fun

Garth: "Did you ever find Bugs Bunny attractive when he put on a dress and played girl bunny?"
Wayne: (incredulous) "No..." (starts laughing)
Garth: (embarrassed) "Neither did I. I was just asking."

I've been exploring my interest in anthropomorphism, especially sexy bunny ladies.

Pics of my furry fun in the virtual chat world of Second Life

Pics of me and Jon at the furry convention

Pics of furries and fursuit folks at the furry convention

Some of my myspace blog, copied to here



Lorelei's Furry Code

FLR Furry Bunny
Level 3 Anthropomorphic animal
Art A--
Cons C- Workin' on it
Dressing D
Hugs CyberspaceH+
Muck/Mudd M
Plush P
Realism/Tooniness R- R++
Trans T-
Writing W--
Zines Z
Furrysex Sf S++ w/bf
Real Life Webmaster, Photographer, Model
Age 42
Computers c+++
Education Bachelors
RL Furriness f
Housing h+++
Internet i+++
Anime j+
Pets p++ 3 dogs
Human sex Female sf, s+

Real Life: 
I live in Los Angeles, California.  I'm 48.  I have two life partners, Jon and Eric.
My dogs are constantly with me.  My hobby and my career: bondage photographer & webmaster.

My Real-World Websites

Bedroom Bondage (has a bio page)

Bondage University

Fetish Scene: BDSM Clubs

My Real-World Websites

Force Fantasies (has an about-me page)

Alex's Funny Bone (my doggie)

Other "Regular" Stuff



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