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Bound By Desire  Austin - women's (lesbian, bisexual, heterosexual, transsexual) support and discussion group, social activities
Central Texas Couples  D/s bdsm lifestyle group for committed couples.
Chain of Command  San Antonio - leather
Club FEM (Females Enslaving Males)  Houston - Exclusive Female Dominant/male submissive group. The original group formed in Houston, TX and has since branched out across the country. Social organization of individuals who want to develop sincere Female dominant/male submissive relationships. Most events are collar and leash. For local groups' webpages see the Links page. An SSCS organization (safe, sane, consensual, sober).
Dallas/Fort Worth BDSM Resources  Links to local organizations, events, people, resources.
Different Strokes  Fort Worth/Dallas - pansexual BDSM social club
Diverse Paths  Serves Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Texas. Pansexual social and education facility. Fully stocked dungeon. Munches, classes, seminars, play parties.
Dyke Uniform Corp. (DUC)  San Antonio - women; leather and uniforms
Erotic Rose Society (EROS)  Houston - pansexual
Females In Search of Trouble (FIST)  Houston - women only
House of Haway  Houston - private pansexual BDSM social group; dungeon, parties (formerly Autumn's Season).
Houston BDSM/Fetish Page  Community, clubs, organizations, events, meetings and people.
Houston PEP (People Exchanging Power)  Monthly meetings, events, seminars. "Fetish Night" with scenes, music, dancing and socializing. Smaller meetings for special interest groups.
Inquisition Dallas  BDSM social group
K. Inc  Southwest TX and LA - Not-for-profit pansexual support, education and social group for BDSM enthusiasts.
Master's Retreat  Dallas. Annual event (June). For people with a genuine interest in Domination/submission. Open to anyone who identifies as Daddy, Master, or Mistress, regardless of sexual orientation or gender, and who desires to be served by a boy, boi, submissive, or slave.
Masters And slaves Together (MAsT)  FL, GA, IL, MA, NY, OH, TX, Washington DC - organization for Dominant/submissive lifestyles
National Leather Association (NLA)  Austin - pansexual
San Antonio S/Munch (SASM)  Monthly pansexual social event for S&M, bondage & submission, goth, spanking, and leather scene people to meet at a local restaurant and socialize.
Spankee's  Dallas. Swinger's club hosts BDSM nights there every other Sunday.
The Bound Rose Society  Dallas - pansexual BDSM group, also hosts a "Women's Night Out"

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This site is maintained by me Lorelei, a woman into bondage who lives in California.
This is the local Los Angeles BDSM/fetish/bondage club that I like:
Threshold Society - Los Angeles BDSM Club